Choosing the Right Singing Bowl

20 Aug

Singing bowls are some types of bells only shaped like a bowl. The sides of the bowl produce different sounds depending on the bowl and mallet used. They are used by different professional fields including but not limited to health professionals, musicians, teachers and even spiritual teachers. They can aid in cancer patients' treatment and for people with post-traumatic disorders. It is advisable to take your time and get to feel the sounds of the bowl before choosing to settle for one. Avoid online buys unless it's from a trusted seller many of those do not sell original bowls. The following are tips on choosing the right singing bowls. This is something that Silver Sky can help you with.

The best way to come up to a decision in choosing a singing bowl is to get the feeling of its vibrations and love the sound it produces. Get to know the intensity of vibrations and length of waves. Larger singing bowls make a more strong sound but with a lower intensity of vibrations. While the smaller ones tend to make high pitched sound with intense vibrations. Because of these variations the human body also responds differently hence it's good to try them out first before settling for one. This gives you familiarization and allows you to choose confidently on which to buy.

Secondly, look into the quality of the bowl. Allow someone to elaborate more on the right sound of a singing bowl. This is because most of the people selling these bowls have machine made them look old but in a real sense, they are newly made. One can know the appropriate age by observing the bowls. Look out for signs like the shape, interior and exterior markings and the thickness of the bottom part as thinner indicates older. This, however, shouldn't be your only basis of consideration consider the other factors such as vibrations and sound. Do click here to learn more.

Lastly, the usage for the bowl. Whether you will be using it for healing, meditation or grounding matters a lot. This might be for yoga classes, use them for patients when checking on them or might even be a way of calling meetings. The more you spend time playing, the more you learn on better tones and sounds you can use in setting you to need. You also need to find out which mallet to use to bring out the right sound. Mallets are made from different materials thus producing different sounds. These materials include wood, suede-covered mallets and felt covered mallets.

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